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Home-made Dog Cookies
Custom Dog Booties for this cold weather!
 Go to "Friends of Manypawz" and read about Dr. Corinne Chapman DVM.


Coady's Cats

Community Caretaking for Abandoned and Feral Cats


Coady's Cats


Custom Graphic Design, photography & consulting


Herbs for Cats

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Herbs for Dogz

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We Care About PetsPet Herb Store cares about Pets
Countless animals are euthanized because shelters do not have room and cannot find homes for them. Pet Herb Store hopes you will consider adopting your next pet from a shelter. We support spaying or neutering for all animals you don't intend to breed. This is another step that will decrease the number of pets ending up in shelters and will prevent unnecessary deaths. Spayed or neutered animals can be healthier and happier. We also support our Community Caretakers who care for feral and abandoned cats, like our friends at Coady's Cats

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Urinary Assistance
for Dogs

I am thrilled beyond words to see my little girl happy and healthy again. Thank you so much! ...more

Joint Relief

...after only 2 weeks we noticed a big difference, and better still, no vet meds! ...more